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Help Keep Student Meal Accounts Current

Hunger Doesn't Discriminate


Pasadena USD Food & Nutrition Services are committed to providing healthy food access for all students. Our charging and courtesy meal policies are in place to ensure no student goes without a balanced meal, regardless of their account balance or payment status. This initiative allows members of the community to contribute funds to help cover the negative balance of student meal accounts.

Our Goal
Pasadena USD Food & Nutrition Services is committed to providing nutritious, appetizing meals that promote health, well-being and learning. Equity and food access are important district values, and being able to bring fresh, healthy and sustainably raised food to students all over the city is our focus. 
How You Can Help
PUSD cafés serve over 8,000 meals per day. Around 70 courtesy meals that meet the same nutrition requirements as menued meals are served each day, which equates to a cost of over $28,350 each year that must be covered with money from the districts limited financial resources. This campaign allows individuals to contribute funds to help bring student meal accounts current.  
How the Process Works
If students exhaust their meal account, there is a grace period during which the student can charge meals to his or her account. Elementary and middle school students may charge up to three meals. In the event a student reaches the maximum charge limit on their meal account, at the beginning of the lunch line the student will be provided a courtesy meal that meets the same nutrition requirements as all other meals offered. If a student has already selected a remibursable meal by the time he or she reaches the cashier, food service personnel allows the student to keep the tray. 
You can help by contributing to our campaign by visiting our donation page at:  
Thank you for your support of PUSD and our students.

Ralph Peschek, SNS
Director, Food & Nutrition Services