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STEM Magnet

What does it mean to think critically? 
What is the Engineering Design Process? Why is it important?

These are just a few of the key questions that it is our goal that all students can answer thoughtfully upon matriculation from Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet Academy. Our curriculum integrates the content areas to engage students in a real world, hands-on approach to learning. Students are able to see and understand the connections between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while working with others to solve real world problems and create solutions. Each curricular unit  is grounded in a crosscutting concept such as change, power, relationships, structures, adaptation, systems etc. Students are able to thoughtfully prove connections between the disciplines by looking through the lens of the crosscutting concept. Our STEM curriculum is foundational in everything we do, from the science lab, to the technology lab, to stories that we explore, and projects in the garden. We benefit from a variety of community partnerships including JPL, Caltech, Side Street Projects, and more. Our partnerships are a unique part of our STEM focus, as they provides students an opportunity to see real scientists in action. Every Jackson student participates in our STEM program. 

What is STEM?

The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This program was started by Judith A. Ramaley, the former director of the National Science Foundation’s education and human-resources division. This approach to education is designed to revolutionize teaching and learning by confronting real world problems and developing solutions using the engineering design process and concepts learned in multiple subject areas.

All students benefit from the STEM program because it teaches independent innovation and allows students to explore with greater depth in all subject areas by putting into practice the skills learned; these skills are going to be required in order for today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders. 21st century jobs require workers to have a greater ability to think critically and creatively, work as a member of a team, as well as independently, and communicate their thinking to others. Jackson students practice these skills daily through integrated lessons in a supportive, student-centered environment.