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Summer 2018 Coaches Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians and Student Athletes,

Welcome to the 2018 Football Season! The coaches and I are very excited to get the season underway with this group of student athletes.  We look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead. Thank you for putting your trust in myself and our coaching staff. The major form of communication throughout season will be via email (usually once a week) with information regarding practice times, game times, announcements, and any changes to the schedule. Starting in the summer, football will be a 5-day-a-week-activity. With three summer passing tournaments for varsity players. Attendance is compulsory because competition begins with commitment!

Due to CIF moving up the start of the season our first JV game is Thursday, August 16 and Varsity is Friday, August 17 both against San Marino High School.  Summer Camp will start on Monday June 18 from 3:00 -7:00 pm. Our summer program consists of classroom instruction, conditioning, weightlifting and team field work.  Every student athlete must have a mouthpiece, spirit pack clothing only, white socks and cleats.  Our first day in helmets will be on Monday, July 16 from 3:00 -7:00 pm. There will be an introduction and demonstration of how to put on equipment at 2:00 pm Monday, July 16.

The student athletes will have received all their gear and locker assignments prior to Fall Camp (July 16). Please be on the lookout for communication regarding the distribution of equipment.

A few reminders/announcements for that first week and the rest of the season:

  • Every student athlete must have completed and returned their Pre-Season Physical Form and signed CIF Code of Conduct prior to the start of conditioning.
  • Do not forget to purchase a mouthpiece and a water bottle (with name).
  • Dress appropriately for practice and weather conditions. That includes cleats and running shoes daily.
  • Every student athlete must complete 3 practices in a helmet before practicing in full pads. No Exceptions!
  • The times posted are start and finish on-field of practice. Student athletes will need to arrive early to make sure they have plenty of time to put on equipment and be on the field before start of practice. We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to practice start time. Regarding pick-up, practice will finish on time, but please allow some time for your student athlete to change.

Additional announcements and team rules will follow. Apart from football, we will also emphasize development in the areas of leadership, communication, community involvement and health & wellbeing throughout the season. The coaching staff and I are extremely excited about the possibilities and promise for this upcoming season. We are looking forward to the hard work, dedication, and personal growth for all our Bulldog Student Athletes. Don’t forget to study your plays. We expect that you will demonstrate your understanding to coaches and your fellow players, in various ways including written, verbal, and in action.

We welcome parents to watch practice from the hill on the North/Home side of our field. In addition, we need parent/guardian involvement for a variety of roles supporting team success, including; team meals, hosting team events, fundraising, program design, social media presence, snack bar on game days, filming games & practices and scouting opponents. One family, One Team!

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions at

All the Best,

Dejuan Shamburger (Coach Sham)