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No Excuses University Institute

No excuses university We are pleased to announce that Don Benito Fundamental School has gone through an application process and has been accepted to the No Excuses University Network. 

No Excuses University is based on the idea of college readiness—“Every student deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college, if they so choose to attend.” The Six Exceptional Systems help schools focus on the most important part of a school- learning and better results for students’ education. No Excuses! No Limits! Learn more about it here:

  • No Excuses University School is comprised of six exceptional systems that will ultimately support college and career pathways for students with services and skills so that students can successfully transition from school to the workforce. 
  • The six Exceptional Systems of the NEU philosophy are: Culture of universal achievement, collaboration, standards alignment, assessments, data management, and intervention.
  • Representatives of our staff attended a 2 day conference in July 2019 as a part of the program requirements for NEU.  At the conference, teachers learn how to deepen implementation of the six exceptional systems.  Each summer teachers are invited to participate in a school-wide book study.Here is a picture of our staff at the July conference.

Don Benito Staff at Conference