• We are a caring community that promotes a deep love for learning by embracing the cultural background of every student.  We hold high expectations for student achievement.  We provide innovative curriculum that represents the global value of education.  With a commitment to academic excellence, we prepare our students for their place in an ever-evolving world.


  • We prepare students for the future by inspiring the joy of learning in every child every day!


  • Our students come first.  Our decisions are driven by what is best for them.  Our policies, programs, and behaviors are based on:

    Integrity – We say what we mean and we do what we say.  We meet or exceed professional standards and legal requirements.

    Respect – Our behaviors, policies, and programs affirm the worth and personal dignity of all students, employees and community members.  We foster a climate of civility, collegiality, tolerance and reasoned debate, embracing our diversity as a strength that adds vibrancy and creativity to our perspectives, deliberations and decisions.

    Transparency – We encourage diverse input and differing opinions.  We make our decisions openly.  We make information easily accessible to everyone.

    Equity – We believe that every child is equally entitled to high quality education, and that different needs require different levels of resources to enable all children to achieve their full potential.

    Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions, decisions and outcomes.  We are committed to continuous improvement and use evidence-based approaches to identify improvements that support student success.

    Collaboration – We value the participation of parents, students and the community in all aspects of PUSD.  We actively seek mutually-beneficial partnership with people and organizations.

    Fiscal Responsibility – We maintain the public trust by providing high quality services and by using our resources prudently, efficiently and equitably.  Preserving the longer term financial viability of the district is always a key factor in our decisions.

    Innovation – We inspire and empower innovative thought and practice while building sustainable systems that ensure every student excels academically, socially and emotionally.