AP pre-administration workshops


Advanced Placement Pre-Administration Workshops
If you signed up for an AP exam you must attend an AP Pre-Administration Workshop.  NO exceptions.  This is not optional. All students must attend a pre-administration workshop in the Student Cafeteria according to the following schedule. Schedule is by last name.  Note the times and please make arrangements to be on time to your workshop. If you do not attend PHS a workshop date and time will be discussed when you register/pay for your AP exam(s). 
  • Friday, April 14th 7:30 am  Last names A - C
  • Monday, April 17th 9:15 am Last names D - I
  • Tuesday, April 18th 7:30 am Last names J - M
  • Wednesday, April 19th 7:30 am Last names N - Se
  • Thursday, April 20th 7:30 am Last names Sh - Z
  • Friday, April 21st 7:30 am Makeup