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    The CEO Academy is comprised of a Health Careers Academy and a Building and Design academy.   
    The Health Academy is hosted at the Center for Independent Studies, while the Building and Design Academy is hosted at RCHS.
    The Building and Design Academy is comprised of a construction trades curriculum, a graphic or web design curriculum, business curriculum, as well as a careers component.  The Academy is a member of the NAF National Academy Foundation Program that emphasizes career readiness through integrated curriculum, work based learning, advisory board support, and program structure and development.
    All students must take the careers course before graduating or returning back the the comprehensive high school.

    An open enrollment process is used to ensure that all students are eligible to enroll in the academy.  
    The academy accepts all students based on interest rather than academic record. Students are eligible even if they have a low GPA.  
    All CEO students have the opportunity to take our available NAF courses, and participate in NAFTrack Certification if they are interested.