• Spanish Introduction:

    This course is an introduction to the study of the Spanish language and to the perspectives of the
    cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will familiarize themselves with the geography of
    Hispanic countries and some of their traditions and customs. They learn basic vocabulary to practice
    simple conversation to express wants, needs and describe their immediate surroundings.

    Spanish 1A

    In this course, students continue studying the language and culture of Hispanic countries, as well as,
    improving their listening, speaking, and reading skills. There is emphasis on the study of basic grammar
    concepts and the development of fluency and public speaking abilities. The vocabulary is enriched to
    expand opinions and personalize conversations. The course offers the opportunity to pass to high school
    Spanish II course to 8th grade students who complete the full year successfully and in addition they pass
    the high school final exam of Spanish I course.