Bus Pass Information

  • TAP Card Information 

    Bus Passes Are Provided As Transit Access Pass (TAP) Cards.

    TAP (Transit Access Pass) cards for eligible students are processed at the Student Store. 

    Requirements to qualify for a free TAP card include:

    Must reside in the Pasadena Unified School District.
    Blair must be the student's home school
    Must live a minimum distance away from Blair (Approximately at least 2.5 miles away for HS students OR 2.0 miles for Middle School students but distance is calculated in application process.)

    Students who may qualify for a free TAP card may apply at the Student Store with Blair Bookkeeper Ms. Chong. The Store is open during Nutrition, Lunch and for 30 minutes after school each day M-F.  Please allow 30 business days for processing the application. Qualifying students will get their TAP card by mail to the student or by mail to the PUSD Transportation Department.  After Ms. Chong receives students' Tap Cards from PUSD, she will inform the students to pick up their TAP cards.

    Students attending Blair on a permit from another city are responsible for their own transportation.

    Lost or stolen TAP cards should be reported to the Student Store, and call TAP Service Center immediately at 866-827-8646 to report to MTA.  Students pay a non-refundable, nominal replacement fee.

    Discounted Bus Passes Are Available

    Students may apply to Metro for a discounted student fare TAP card. Metro applications are available from the Student Store, and then students must apply directly to Metro.

    Bus Behavior: While riding the buses, students are required to follow the directions of the driver and avoid all loud or boisterous conduct. Students must refrain from eating, "tagging", or carrying any dangerous implements. Failure to obey these rules may cause the temporary or permanent revocation of riding privileges.

    Blair Student Store:  Is open during Nutrition, Lunchtime and half an hour after school. See the window at the Main Office.

    For more information contact Ms. Chong at: chong.josephine@pusd.us