Choral Music

  • The choral music program at Don Benito Fundamental consists of a multi-cultural song curriculum for all grades including the Special Education Classes. Classes are taught by Mrs. Laura Pitts. 

    Last year the Don Benito PTA applied for and received a grant from "The Showcase House" to develop this multi-cultural song curriculum. This grant supplemented PTA funds that pay for the vocal music teacher. The Don Benito PTA has been the primary support of the choral music program. An application to the City of Pasadena for an Art Education Partnership Grant has been submitted for continuation of this program.

    Planning for the vocal music program has also begun for next year. Special Education students will receive vocal music instruction once a week for 45 minutes. In addition, at a minimum of once a month, a drama component will be included. A typical session will consist of 15 minutes of theory (rhythm, beat and note recognition), 15 minutes of history/cultural exploration as it applies to the material at hand and 15 minutes of practical rehearsal of songs or skits in preparation for a public performance. Again,there will be two performances, one in December and one in June, which will showcase students' work from throughout the school year.