• School Support Services Division Statement of Purpose

    Through communication, collaboration, and engagement, our team of experienced professionals deliver student, family and community services by addressing social, emotional, or physical barriers which may impede student success.

    We focus on areas of:

    • Health and Wellness
    • Parent Support and Education
    • School Safety 
    • Immediate responsiveness to emerging issues
    • Enrollment options and opportunities
    • Fostering community engagement, feedback, and partnerships
    • Ensuring a welcoming environment in schools and offices throughout our District
    • Continuously improving our quality systems and service delivery models


    School Support Services Departments:

    Child Welfare, Attendance, and Safety


    Enrollment, Permits, and Student Records 


    Families in Transition 


    Health and Wellness


    PUSD Mental Health Services 


    Center for Student and Family Services


    Eric Sahakian, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent, School Support Services
    626.396.3600 ext. 88238
    Room 208

    Angela Gutierrez
    Senior Administrative Assistant, School Support Services
    626.396.3600 ext. 88238