Mrs. Ibbotson

Phone: 626-396-5910 ext. 52426


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ibbotson

7th Grade Teacher - Math and Science

Room F206


     Hello Parents and Students,

      I’m delighted to be a part of the 7th grade Math and Science team for the 2018-2019 academic school year.  I currently hold a California K-8 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Furthermore, I bring over 17 years of teaching experience to the classroom.    

     This year, our class will continue to support a focus towards the California Common Core Standards with an ongoing goal of preparing students for 21st century colleges and careers. With the use of currently adopted textbooks and academic materials, you may expect your child to receive instruction that not only teaches Math and Science skills, but also encourages young minds to research academically, think critically, communicate successfully, and collaborate effectively.

      In Math, students will be participating in Ready and iReady Math curriculum. Students will be learning mathematical concepts and skills, engaging in problem solving strategies, but also learning to provide and communicate reasoning both verbally and in written form.

      In Science, the focus will be in the area of Life Science. However, as we transition towards a new Science curriculum, students will be participating in Stem Scopes, an online Science curriculum that incorporates both Physical and Earth Sciences as well. In addition, students will be participating in hands-on Science lab activities. 

      Grades will be determined by a student’s overall classroom experience.  An average of scores received for chapters tests, quizzes, class projects, homework completion, as well as class participation will determine a student’s academic grade. I  hope to provide a well-balanced academic program as well as support students in feeling the least amount of anxiety.

     Students will receive homework consistently approximately 3 nights per week. Please know that preparing for a test and working on projects will be an important part of homework as well. This includes nightly reading of non fiction reading. Please be advised that all grades will be posted on Parent Portal.

     It is my sincere hope and personal interest that all students have a rewarding academic year. If you have any questions, please contact me at  Looking  forward to the beginning of a fantastic school year!


     Penny Ibbotson:)


Grading Policy

Grades will be determined as follows. However, please note that minor adjustments may be made during the course of the year.



Homework/Classwork 10%

Tests/Quizzes  50%

Jounal Notes 20%

Projects 20%




Homework/Classwork  10%

Chapter Tests/Essays  50%

Projects  20%

Science Notes/Lab Journal 20% 

Late Work

Late work will be accepted with loss of points to be determined on a per assignment/project basis.


Cell Phone Policy

 Teacher permission for cell phone use will be required at all times. Personal phone calls, texting, games are not permitted during instructional time. Students will occasionally be allowed use of cellphones during designated freetime only and with granted permission. Please ensure your child’s cell phone has restricted access to inappropriate material.