Ms. Martinez

Phone: 626-396-5910 ext. 52320


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Ms. Martinez

8th Grade Teacher - English and US History

Room E210


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  • Hello Scholars,

    I hope you all had a pleasent Spring Break and are doing as well as possible.

    As requested per our district, and for consistency across curiculums, we are moving forward with the PowerSchool Learning platform.

    Since many of you are accustomed to checking here for the weekly agenda, I will continue to post here.

    Please be sure to go to PowerSchool Learning - Ms. Martinez English and History to recieve and post all assignments (unless otherwise specified).  

    Please email Ms. Martinez or Ms. Leja with any questions! Have a great week! 



    Week of April 6-10, 2020


    ELA - We are starting a new book titled, Counting by 7's, by Holly Goldberg Sloan. 
    A free link will be provided at the bottom. Please remember to upload all work to PowerSchool Learning. 

    1. Read the 1st chapter in Counting by 7's -link at the bottom and on PSL.
    2. After reading the 1st chapter of our new book, answer the question on the discussion board provided on PSL, and respond to at least one of your classmates' answers. 

    3. Write a short essay on the topic of remote learning. Simple directions found on PSL. Upload your essay to PSL.

    Here is the link for our new book:

    Persuasion essays were due before we left campus on 3/13. If you have not turned yours in, please email it to me ASAP.



    History - Everything will be due on Friday, so create a schedule this week that is suitable to your well being. Remember, everything is uploaded to PowerSchool Learning.

    1. Answer the question on the discussion board on PSL, and respond to at least one of your classmates' answers.

    2. Upload your newspaper project to PSL by 04/10. You can either turn in your project as a group, or you can submit your sections individually. 

    3. Upload, to PSL, the Chapter 12 Review Questions from the history book on page 564 # 1-16 by 4/10. 

    4. Log in to PSL anytime between 8 am and 3 pm on Friday 4/10 to take your Chapter 12 test. The password will be posted on PSL that morning. 








    Week of March 9-13, 2020

    ELA - We still really need disinfectant wipes

    Monday - Persuasive Essays 

    Tuesday - Grammar Ch. 6 Lesson 1/2 & Socratic Circle

    Wednesday - Grammar Ch. 6 Lesson 3/4 & Socratic Circle

    Thursday  Grammar Ch. 6 Quiz & finish persuasive essays due tomorrow

    Friday - Persuasive Essays Due Today


    History - Newspaper Project Due on the 19th

    Monday -Ch. 12.3 read/vocabualry & newspaper collaboration

    Tuesday - Ch. 12.3 Review questions p. 547 # 1-4 & newspaper collaboration

    Wednesday - Ch. 12.4 read/vocabulary & newspaper collaboration

    Thursday - Ch. 12.4 Review questions p. 553 #1-5 & newspaper collaboration  

    Friday - CNN 10/Ch. 12.5 read/vocabulary/questions p. 559 # 1-5 & newspaper collaboration



    Week of March 2-6, 2020

    ELA - We still really need disinfectant wipes

    Monday - Pesuasive essays with fill in the blank- Habits of discussion/Instructions

    Tuesday - Grammar Ch. 5 Lesson 5/6 & Persuasive essay- Topic/Thesis 

    Wednesday - Grammar Ch. 5 Lesson 7 & Persuasive essay-2 categories = logical/emotional

    Thursday  Grammar Ch. 5 Quiz & Persuasive essay - counter claim/rebuttal

    Friday - Persuasive Essays - work on papers-rough draft due 3/11 & Final paper due 3/13


    History - 

    Monday -Ch. 12.1 read/vocabualry & Introduce Newspaper project/parts of a newspaper

    Tuesday - Ch. 12.1 Review questions & project groups/responsibilities

    Wednesday - Ch. 12.2 read/vocabulary & project selecting timeline- & begin

    Thursday - FCh. 12.2 Review questions/vocabulary & work on project 

    Friday - CNN 10 Ch. 12.3 read/vocabulary & work on project due 3/19






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