•  What are the procedures for student drop-off?

    Please DO NOT drop off your child before 7:25 AM. Supervision begins at 7:25 and we want all students to be safe. When dropping students off on Calaveras, please drive forward within the cones as far as possible and then come to a complete stop before allowing your child to exit the vehicle. More information is available here.

    When is the main office open?

    Monday - 7:30 AM - 2 PM, Tuesday - Friday 7:30 AM - 3 PM 

    Do students need to wear a uniform?

    We encourage students to wear:

    • Pants/Bottoms: Long pants, walking shorts, jumpers, skirts, or dresses in navy blue or khaki. Blue jeans without embellishments may also be worn.
    • Shirts/Tops: Collared polos or blouses in solid (no logos or designs) white, navy blue, or light blue. 
    • Closed toe shoes. Students are encouraged to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking or exercise.