Parent Portal

  • The  Parent Portal is designed to allow parents access to their student’s information.  Access to Parent Portal will provide parents/guardians the opportunity to view student data and information through the Internet. Student data may include but not be limited to grades, attendance, medical, demographics and discipline from the District’s student information system Aeries. This information is only accessible by knowing the student’s ID Number, Telephone Number, and Verification Code (VPC). 
    By setting up an account and/or logging onto the Parent Portal, you agree to abide by the PasadenaUnified School District rules and regulations. Use of this system and its services are strictly limited to authorized account holders ONLY. All users are to be responsible for their student’s information codes and passwords. Users agree not to give anyone else their password, verification codes or any other personal information. PUSD will not be responsible for unauthorized access if the user has not been careful with their information. Ways to protect your information include but are not limited to: Do not give anyone your password. Do not write your password down. Close the browser when you are done. If you wish to continue to use the Internet, open a new browser window. Do not choose a password that is easily guessed by someone else such as a spouse’s, children, grandchildren, or pet’s name, birth date, anniversary date, address, social security number, etc. Suggestions on passwords include combinations of letters and numbers or upper and lower case
    To obtain your Parent Portal account please go to the Records Office windows with your photo ID.  The Records Office hours are Monday's 9:00 am - 12 noon and 2:00 - 3:30 pm.  Tuesday - Friday's 7:30 am - 12 noon and 2:00 - 3:30 pm.  If you have questions regarding obtaining your Parent Portal account please email Liz Champion at 

    Parents will be able to access the following information for their child:
    • Grades
    • Attendance

    If you already have access but are looking for assignment details? Look for Grades at the top navigation bar, then choose Gradebook from the pull-down list.  Under Gradebook you can find each class/subject.  If a teacher is not utilizing Parent Portal to post assignments, let him or her know how helpful this would be to you as a parent/guardian.

    Parents will be able to change the following student data:

    • Home/Work phone #'s
    • Contact Information

    For parents to create an account and access the Parent Portal, they must have the following:

    • Student's Permanent ID Number
    • Verification Pass Code (VPS)*
    • The telephone number on record with their child's school
    • Return the Parent Access form to site for approval (see below) 

    If you are having difficulty with your Parent Portal account please send an email describing the problem along with your student name and school to:

    Parent Access Form (English)

    Parent Access Form (Spanish)