• Guitar

    Instructor: Musicstar   

    Guitar lessons presented by MUSICSTAR.  Free Instruments for class. Discount rentals for take-home instruments.

    Not only is the guitar a very prominent and revered instrument of Western pop culture, it is also an extremely “multi-cultural” instrument, as the guitar family has been part of the music of most cultures around the globe. Through learning this instrument students also explore the truly multi-cultural yet inter-connected nature of our world. As with all MUSICSTAR classes, students explore basic concepts of music theory and learn to read music notation. These concepts are applied to the instruments as students learn various guitar techniques, such as strumming and picking, and learn to play chords and solo melodies. In many of our classes students perform music as part of guitar ensembles to explore the skill and joy of playing together as a group, very much like band programs do.

    When: TBA
    Course Length: TBA
    Class Duration: 1 hour
    Grades: 3rd - 5th