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  • Student Clubs, Activities and Enrichment Programs

    In addition to the After School Adventures Program and LEARNs, Hamilton offers various before/after school clubs and enrichment programs coordinated by the PTA and provided by outside vendors. Programs and times are subject to change based on participation.  Registration flyers are sent home via PeachJar prior to each enrollment period. Students who wish to participate in both enrichment classes and After School Adventures or LEARNs will need to register and pay separately. 

    Program Schedule

    Click the club or enrichment program name below for additional information, including registration forms and meeting dates. 
    Please note: After School Team SportsGATE Clubs, Innovation Club, Student Council, Competitive Teams, Instrumental Music, and Girl Scout Troops schedules are provided by their coordinators.
    Enrichment Program Fees
    Meeting Dates &
    Grades Location Session Start Date(s) Session End Date(s) Session
    No. Sessions
    Chess Y Tues
    K-5th MPR  9/13 11/1  8 weeks 3 times a year
    KidsArt Y Wed
    Pre-K-5th 114 9/14  11/2  8 weeks 3 times a year
    Engineering with Legos Y Thurs
    K-3rd 108  9/22 11/10  8 weeks 3 times a year
    MAD Science Y Fri
    K-5th 206 9/16  11/4  8 weeks 3 times a year 

     *Program sessions are non-consecutive so students have the opportunity to participate in any program offered throughout the school year.

    Free Spots in After School Enrichment classes: Free spots may be available to students whose parents are willing and available to escort kindergarten and 1st grade students to and from class, and to stay in the classroom to assist as needed. A very limited number of spots available depending on enrollment and vendor need. Free classes will be awarded on a lottery basis. Forms will be available online and in the Main Office. Turn in application into the PTA mailbox in the main office, Attention: After-School Programs Coordinator. Deadline: TBA


    Can my child participate in an afterschool club/program if he/she goes to Citywide or LEARNs? 
    Students registered in after school care programs such as After School Adventures Program and Pasadena LEARNs can still participate in these clubs and enrichment programs.  Students will be escorted to their after school care program at 4:15pm when the club/activity ends.

    How will my child get to the club/program from his/her regular classroom? 
    Students in Kindergarten will be escorted to their club/program meeting location throughout the session; those in 1st-5th grade will line-up in the after-school pick up area. View Drop Off & Pick Up procedure

    Please pick up your child at the appropriate location (see chart above) when the club/program ends.  Students who are not picked up will be checked in to the After School Adventures Program and parents will be responsible for all fees.  (Students in after school care will be escorted back to their respective care programs at the end of each club/program meeting.) 


    Other Potential Clubs/Programs 
    If you are a parent interested in starting a club at the school, please email Mrs. Frances Weissenberger or call her at (626) 396-5730.