Office of Equity and Access

  • Pasadena Unified School District Board Policy 0415

    Board Policy 0415 states “the governing board shall promote educational equity and eliminate discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, and mental or physical disability.” PUSD recognizes that creating a culture of equity requires monitoring, encouragement, resources, data and opportunity. 

    Equity Goal

    The District’s overall goal is to promote excellence through educational equity and eliminate barriers that keep students, especially those from marginalized communities, from receiving a high-quality education. This will be accomplished by the elimination of discrimination and harassment based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, and mental or physical disability, AND the cultivation of an inclusive and anti-racist environment for the entire PUSD community. Therefore, our efforts must support and reinforce the District's efforts toward educational equity.

    Development of the Institutional Equity Implementation Office

    The Office of Institutional Equity Implementation was developed with the purpose of ensuring that our district meets the intention of aligning, integrating and cross stitching all of our education justice and equity initiatives at the district and school site level. We are seeking to build equity in voice, systems alignment for inclusion, dismantling barriers for academic success and a consistency and coherence of learner-centered practices.

    Culture Statement

    Pasadena Unified School District shall cultivate a culture of trust where employees, parents, students, and the community are welcomed, valued, and supported. We will collaborate with each other and our partners to achieve academic excellence, pursue continuous personal and professional improvement, and build positive relationships. We will celebrate our strengths and continually embrace opportunities to improve as a community of learners

    Diversity Equity & Inclusion Collaborative 

    In 2019, Pasadena Unified School District embarked on a collaborative effort with multiple stakeholders including union representatives, site administrators and district leadership in order to look at diversity, equity and inclusion within our school district. Students come to our schools from multiple backgrounds, and it is vital to recognize and value each of the cultures represented in our schools. Our collaborative group acknowledged that being culturally responsive is the work at the heart of making our school system more equitable. Within the collaborative group, common definitions and a lens were developed and shared with all parent groups. After presenting to the PUSD School Board in June 2021, the School Board unanimously adopted the definitions and lens.


    Intentionally valuing the multiple identities that are represented in our school structure.


    Equity is ensuring avenues of success for all students and staff by honoring and supporting individual experiences, talents, skills and needs. 


    A space where a person’s whole identity is appreciated, celebrated and supported; and all experiences and contributions are valued.

    The Lens

    Does the impact of the current and/or the proposed action directly encourage the valuing of multiple, intersectional identities? How do we know?

    Does the action ensure avenues of success for BIPOC and marginalized students/employees? Is the action at the expense of/harming BIPOC and marginalized groups?

    Does the action intentionally contribute to the belonging of BIPOC and marginalized groups? How do we know?

    Community Schools

    California's historic investment in Community Schools is based on Four Cornerstone Commitments that align with PUSD's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens: 

    • A commitment to assets-driven and strength-based practice
    • A commitment to racially just and restorative school climates
    • A commitment to powerful, culturally proficient, and relevant instruction.
    • A commitment to shared decision-making and participatory practices 

    In PUSD Community Schools, these commitments are reflected through a campus culture that values the multiple and intersectional identities and collective wisdom of our students, families, and community members; school campuses that serve as centers of community connection, healing, and wellness; school climates that embrace and support students' whole selves; school policies and practices that emphasize teaching social-emotional skills and restorative practices; collaborative and relevant learning experiences that engage students as citizens and informed decision-makers; and authentic partnership with parents and communities partners, built on a foundation of trust, cultural humility, and mutual respect. 
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Board Resolutions

  • Resolution 2566 Pasadena Unified School District’s Commitment to Black Students

    Resolution 2586 Pasadena Unified School District’s Commitment to Latina/o/x and Indigenous Students

    Resolution 2645 Fred T. Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution ( Could not find resolution online)