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Land Acknowledgement

  • PUSD’s Think Tank recognizes that we are guests in the homeland territory of the Tongva people. We extend our respect and gratitude to the many indigenous people who call these lands home.


  • PUSD’s Think Tank is a student-led initiative whose mission is to create a safe space for students to connect across campuses, raise consciousness about Pasadena’s history, and to provide a platform through which students can create equity within the district and the region.  
    On Thursday, April 28, the Think Tank offered a presentation to PUSD's Board. They were followed by a talk given by the district's Ethnic Studies teachers
    Think Tank at board meeting

    Back rowBoard Member Tina Fredericks, PUSD Superintendent Brian McDonald, Board Member Patrick Cahalan,
    Board President Elizabeth Pomeroy, Board Member Jennifer Hall Lee,
    Board Member Kimberly Kenne, Board Member Michelle Richardson Bailey

    Second rowLiteracy & Dual Language Specialist Jose Ortega, Lisbeth Ortiz, Sophie Shahinian, Naomi Moore, Paulina McConnell,
    Lauren Gray, Finney Brownstein, Addie Dale, Marshall Fundamental Ethnic Studies instructor Andrea Flores, Leo Long, Jesus Gonzalez,
    Celeste Edell, Miguel Roybal-Monzo, Assistant Superintendent Helen Chan Hill, Muir HS Ethnic Studies instructor Manuel Rustin,
    PHS Ethnic Studies instructor David Flores

    Front row: Muir HS English instructor Tatam Dao, Blair HS Ethnic Studies instructor Rhyna Vasquez, Morgan Gaskell, Parami De Silva,
    River Henry-Vasquez, Ella Uriu, Gabrielle Trujillo, Stephanie Barcenas, Natalia Abadjian, Mya Hernandez, Asha Bailey

    Seatted row: Kira Burson, Maude Windsor, Think Tank Facilitator Sehba Sarwar

    To read about Think Tank activities during Year Two (2021-22), please click here

2021-22: Think Tank Cohorts One and Two

  • Screenshot view of Think Tank virtual meeting

    Think Tank Members (left to right, starting from top row):

    Cohort One 2020-2022 (9 members): 

    Sofia Carmenate (she/her PHS ’22), Addie Dale (she/her, PHS ’23), Parami De Silva (she/her, PHS ’23), Celeste Edell (she/her, PHS ’22), Mya Hernandez (they/them, PHS ’23), Naomi Moore (she/her, PHS ’22), Camila Morales-Guevara (she/her, PHS ’22), Miguel Roybal-Monzo (he/him, PHS ’22), Ella Uriu (she/they, Muir ’22). 

    Cohort Two 2021-22 (22 members):

    Natalia Abadjian (she/her, PHS ’24), Liberty Alderton (she/her) Muir ‘23), Asha Bailey (she/her Muir ‘24 ), Stephanie Barcenas (she/her Marshall ‘23), Finney Brownstein (she/her, Marshall ‘23), Kira Burson (Any, Marshall ‘24), Sophia Chou (she/her, Marshall ‘25),  Morgan Gaskell (she/her, PHS ’24), Jesus Gonzalez (they/them, PHS ’23),  Lauren Gray (she/her Muir ’24), Elena Grigoryan (she/her Blair ’24), River Henry-Vasquez (they/them Muir ‘25), Lisbeth Jara (she/her) (Blair ’24), David Kunitake (he/him) (Blair ’24), Ewan Lamond (he/him Muir ‘25), Leo Long (he/him, PHS ’22), Paulina McConnell (she/her, PHS ’25), Arlington Pacheco (he/her, Blair ’24), Sophie Shahinian (she/her, Blair ’24), Gabrielle Trujillo (she/her, PHS ‘24) Cynthia Vanesian (she/her Blair ’24), Maude Windsor (she/they, Marshall ’24)

    Think Tank Facilitator: Sehba Sarwar (she/her)

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