CIS Academy Student Wellness Page

  • Wellness Is Multidimensional

    Wellness is about more than just physical health. Most models of wellness include at least six dimensions (and sometimes up to 9 or 12):

    Wellness infographic

    • Physical: Nourishing a healthy body through exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.
    • Mental: Engaging the world through learning, problem-solving, creativity, etc.
    • Emotional: Being aware of, accepting and expressing our feelings, and understanding the feelings of others.
    • Spiritual: Searching for meaning and higher purpose in human existence.
    • Social: Connecting and engaging with others and our communities in meaningful ways.
    • Environmental: Fostering positive interrelationships between planetary health and human actions, choices and wellbeing.


  • Resources 


    Crisis Text Line:
    Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor

    Suicide Prevention Hotline:            

    Ayuda en Español:

    California Youth Crisis Line:
    call or text:  1-800-843-5200

    National Alliance on Mental Illness:   1-800-950-nami

    24hr Crisis Hotline for LGBTQ Youth:
    ​   1-866-488-7386

    Guidance and Support Through Text and Chat:

    Pasadena Unified School District Resources

    Los Angeles County Resources