• Continuum School All three of IB's programs for secondary school students are offered at Blair. With three of the four programs of IB, Blair earns distinction as an IB continuum school. This puts Blair in an elite group numbering only a handful of schools nationwide, public or private.

    Willard Elementary in Pasadena Unified School District offers the IB Primary Years Programme, so all four of the IB programs are right here in our district. Blair has quite a few students who do IB for their entire education, kindergarten through graduation.  


    Middle Years Programme

    All students in grades 6-10 at Blair are in the Middle Years Programme, making it the largest IB program at Blair in student numbers. The IB philosophy impacts the way classes are taught and the changes the way students approach learning.


    Diploma Programme

    In grades 11 and 12 students may take college-level IB courses as individual courses, or complete the full requirements to earn an IB Diploma. Internationally the IB Diploma is respected as one of the best college preparation programs in the world.


    Career-related Programme

    Blair Health Careers Academy students combine the rigor of IB courses in 11th and 12th grade with professional skills training, service learning and other requirements to pursue the IB Career-related Certificate.