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  • Students are invited to a Blackout Poetry event that will combine art and poetry writing with scary stories. To attend, pick up a pass from the library before or after Advisory period.

    Blackout Poetry


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Author of the Month: November

  • Nancy Farmer:

    Nancy Farmer is an American author who is known for her award winning novels for adolescents. Born and raised in Arizona, she was a rebellious and free-spirited child who did not enjoy school and preferred to skip class and spend her time at the public library reading books (Bio). She eventually finished college, worked for the Peace Corps, and spent a lot of time studying insects (Bio). Farmer lived in several African countries for many years and began her writing career with stories inspired by African myths and culture (Bio). She eventually moved back to the US after she began being paid for her writing (Bio). The House of the Scorpion and The Lord of Opium are both inspired by the setting of her upbringing in Arizona (Bio).  

    For more information about Nancy Farmer:


    Nancy Farmer

    Notable Works:

    The House of the ScorpionA Girl Named DisasterThe Ear, the Eye, and the Arm


    Works Cited:

    “Bio.” Nancy Farmer's Official Home Page,





Degrees and Certifications:

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