Student Clubs

  •  Club Day at Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy

    At Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy, in addition to an innovative academic program, we value the opportunity to provide enrichment opportunities for our students.
    One of the ways we do this is by embedding Club Day into our school schedule twice a month.
    All teachers sponsor a club in accordance to their interest which means that the clubs offered vary from semester to semester.
    At the beginning of each semester, students are able to switch their club choice if they'd like.

    These are the clubs we offered during the Spring Semester of 2018:

    Animal and Pet Care - Ms. Casby, Room 99
    Gaming the System - Mr. Harris, Game Room
    Basketball - Mr. Chua & Mr. Love, Room 211/Basketball Courts
    Cheerleading and Gymnastics - Ms. Nelissen, Dance Room
    Comic Books - Ms. Terre, Room 105
    DIY Club - Repurposing - Ms. Oien, Room 104
    DIY Club - Repurposing - Ms. Cummings, Room 209
    DIY Club - Repurposing - Ms. Milnes, Room 218
    Gaming the System - Mr. Harris, Game Room
    Gardening Club - Ms. Comacho, Room 117/Garden
    Get Fit Club - Ms. Ortega, Fitness/Weight Room
    Girls Basketball Camp - Ms. Fontenot, Gym
    Going Old School with Board Games - Ms. Anderson, Room 217
    Latin Dance Club - Ms. White & Ms. Moreno, Room 103
    Lego League Robotics - Dr. Peters, Room 207
    Math Field Day - Ms. Lim, Room 106
    Model Builders - Mr. Gothold, Room 100
    Remote Control Club - Mr. Gaul, Room 208
    School Newspaper - Ms. Holmes, Room 97
    Set painting/prop building - Ms. Abbott, Room 95
    Soccer - Ms. Moore, Field
    WSMA Reading Buddies - Ms. Farinas, Room 114/Washington Elementary School
    YouTube Science - Mr. Bracamonte, 7th Grade Science Lab