Student Awards

  • Don Benito Students are celebrated in a multiple of ways. We expect the best from our students and in return they are rewarded. We follow the Bobcat PRIDE and our students earn Blue Slips for every time they are "caught" exceeding the expectations.

    Blue Slips

    We split the Blue Slips among grades 1-3 and 4-6 so that we give ALL students an opportunity to be selected. Once their name is selected the child gets to come up front and choose from a selection of PRIDE rewards, science experiments and math games.

    Spotlight Awards

    Each month we celebrate academics in grades 1-3 and 4-6 but at separate dates. These children are selected by the classroom teachers and presented to the students by the Principal with a special award to attend Islands restaurant. These awards are academically and behaviorally based. EVERY child earns an award at some point in the school year.

    Attendance Awards

    We invite ALL of our students to be present in school daily in order to maximize their academic opportunities. Every month, each class is then identified with the highest percentage of students attending school and then a "Float" party takes place to celebrate. We expect a class percentage attendance rate of nothing less than 98%.