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  • High school English focuses on basic literacy, the proper use of language for personal and public reasons, and the development of an appreciation for various types of literature. Each year in the English curriculum plan of study is meant to build on previously learned skills while expanding the student's exposure to the realm of literature. In fact, the National Council of Teachers of English has defined 12 standards that should be taught in English Language Arts courses.

    Each of those standards should be addressed every year in a fashion that helps students grow in their English language abilities. Therefore, similar units of study can be created for multiple years of English instruction, increasing the complexity and requirements for students each year. With this in mind, following is a sample of the courses that a typical English curriculum plan of study might include for each year of high school.

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    Totam Dao
    Monique Contreras
    Margaret Gillham
    Mathew Lencioni
    Alfredo Resendiz
    Janus Stechel
    Kimberly Suarez
    Donna Tucker
    Charles Vines
    Damian Willis

List of Courses Offered

  • Eng 1
    Eng 1 Puente
    Eng 2
    Eng 2 Puente
    Eng 3
    AP Eng 3 (Lang)
    AP Eng 4 (Lit)
    ELD Eng 1/Acad Lang Dev
    ELD Eng 2/Acad Lang Dev
    Regular English/ELD Adv Writing