Policies and Procedures


    ALL parents MUST fill out a district lunch application. Lunch applications will be mailed home to all students who were enrolled during the school year 2015-16. If you do not receive one you may stop by Cleveland or any other Pasadena school and pick one up or you may apply online. The application for the 2016-2017 is now online at www.pusd.us. Please fill out the form there at your earliest convenience. Please remember to fill the form out completely.


    If you drop your child off at school, or pick your child up, please stop at the valet on Palisade St. Please do not block or park in our neighbors driveways. Tickets may be issued to parents violating pick up/drop off procedures through the city of Pasadena. Please do not drop children off in the school parking lots. There is NO supervision on the playground until 8:10 a.m. Please do not drop your child(ren) off earlier than that.

    Breakfast will be served to students every morning from 8:10 -8:35 a.m. If you would like your child to eat breakfast, please make sure they
    arrive within this time frame.


    If your child is going to be absent, please call the automated attendance line 626/396-5670 x 1. Leave a brief message, including : Child’s name, grade, reason for absence, teacher’s name and your relationship to child (ex: I am John Doe Sr., father of John Doe Jr. who is out sick today, his teacher is Mrs. Clark 4th.)

    Parents who fail to send their children to school can be criminally prosecuted under Penal Codes 272 and 270.1 and Education Codes 48291/48293 and 48453/48454. The Penalties can range from a fine of $50-$2,500 plus a penalty assessment and can be sentenced to up to a year in jail. Parents can be ordered by a judge to personally deliver their child to school.

    • When your child is ill, either bring the child to school to have the illness verified by school personnel or take the child to a health care provider for verification and obtain written documentation of the illness.
    • Discuss ongoing medical conditions with school personnel and if necessary, sign a release of information to the school from the doctor.
    • Make sure that your child is on time and in school every day.
    • Schedule medical and dental appointments after school or on school holidays.
    • Seek assistance from school personnel if you are having problems getting your child to school. They can direct you to resources that can help you.


    Please secure permission from the office to withdraw your child from school during school hours. Please try your best to schedule appointments outside of regular school hours. The first step in maintaining excellent academic progress is being in school all day, every day. Please try your best to refrain from withdrawing your child from school during the last 25 minutes of the school day.


    This after-school program offers art, sports, homework help and other enrichment classes to the children enrolled. For more
    information call (626) 396-5670.


    • COLORS - navy blue, light blue, white
    • Bottoms – pants, skirts, skorts all in navy blue uniform material and
    blue jeans.
    • Shirts – white, light blue or navy blue collared shirts, blouses and
    • Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers – NO higher than 1 inch above the
    • Cleveland Logo T-shirts (optional) can be purchased in the main office
    • Jackets and outer garments – uniform style navy blue or white
    • No sweat pants.
    • Uniforms should not “sag or bag.”
    • Tennis shoes or enclosed shoe with heel No higher than that of a
    tennis shoe.

    Uniforms should be worn everyday – except on free dress days which is the last Friday of each month. Uniforms are to be worn the entire year.



    Please contact us immediately if there are any changes in your home address, telephone number (home or work) or emergency contacts. Should an emergency situation occur we want to be able to contact you immediately.


    All sweaters, coats, jackets, lunch boxes and other personal belongings, which are brought to school, should be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Every year our children lose so many nice jackets and sweaters. Having labels on those items would help you get them back. Our lost and found is in the Family Center.

    Children should not bring toys, cell phones, electronic equipment, weapons, or valuable items to school. If you give your child a cellular phone to maintain at school, it must be turned off and in your child’s backpack during regular school hours. If the phone is out it will be confiscated and given to the Principal at which time you, the parent, must pick it up. Cellular phones will not be returned to students.

    Possession of a weapon, even a pocket knife, or toys that look like weapons is reason for an automatic suspension and or possible expulsion. Please check your child’s backpack daily to make sure they are not bringing any unnecessary or dangerous items to school.