About our Magnet

  • Washington Elementary STEM Magnet provides a rigorous science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-based curriculum that addresses the needs of each student. Our students become responsible, scientifically and technologically-literate global citizens through the development of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creative skills.

    What is STEM?

    STEM magnet students will partner with top scientists in our region and utilize the most current technologies.  Students will be able to see and understand the synergy of all the subjects in working with others to solve problems. The STEM theme adds value to the core curriculum by generating motivation through engagement. 

    STEM is a way for students to know and understand their world using a hands-on, investigative approach to teaching and learning within a STEM focused standard-based curriculum.   Students will enjoy engaging and challenging learning experiences that will connect them to the real world.  Students will learn 21st Century skills as they collaborate, communicate, think critically, and apply creativity. This is achieved through an innovative instructional approach that infuses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math across the curriculum as students learn to inquire and apply knowledge through Project Based Learning.


    What makes Washington Elementary STEM Magnet Unique?

    • Wireless access in all classrooms
    • Teacher Training in STEM integration
    • 1-to-1 ratio, Chromebooks for each student grades Kinder to 5th grade
    • Chromebooks and iPads in all K-2 classrooms
    • Life Science curriculum coordinated with students’ care and harvest of the School Garden
    • Student Centered Learning Pedagogy Expert works with teachers and students
    • Grade-level appropriate Computer Sciene Coding introduced to all classes; 3D Printing; Robotics and access to Virtual Reality. 
    • Trash 4 Teaching works with teachers and students on Engineering projects
    • Engineering Design Materials in all Classrooms
    • STEM Lab with our STEM Specialist for all students
    • Scientists from Cal Tech are providing instruction within classrooms
    • Project Based Learning (PBL) in all classrooms
    • iPads, Macbooks, LCD Projectors, Document Readers assigned to all teachers
    • STEM Coach, who models and co-teaches lessons, in support of all students
    • State-of-the-Art Mac Lab attended by all classes
    • Afterschool STEM Enrichment programs (Reverse Engineering, 3D printing, Coding)