Mission & Vision

  • SIERRA MADRE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Nurturing Learners. Growing Leaders


    The mission of Sierra Madre Elementary School is to nurture learners as they grow into brilliant, creative, strong and true hearted leaders within a safe and supportive community.


    BRILLIANT: Rigorous Academics

    Engaged Learners who exhibit a passion for discovery; participate in a rigorous and meaningful curriculum; confidently explore new ideas; and discover the joy of collaborative learning within a safe and supportive environment, thus setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

    Self-Motivators who practice self-disciplined thought and action, are reflective learners and self-evaluators, who set, persevere, and achieve realistic and challenging goals; and discover the personal satisfaction of pursuing excellence.

    CREATIVE: Innovative & Artistic Expression

    Complex Thinkers who engage their natural curiosity, demonstrate skill in mathematical computation, reasoning and logical analysis; consider options, make thoughtful decisions, employ technologies; exhibit creativity, originality, and invention; ask questions, solve problems and deepen their knowledge and understanding.

    Effective Communicators who are skillful readers, writers, speakers, thoughtful listeners and viewers, technologists and artists; who understand multiple perspectives; and employ their literacy skills to interpret and creatively respond to their world.

    STRONG: Physical Education

    Growing children who benefit from developing wise habits in the areas of health and fitness; engage in research based activities, scientifically proven to increase nutritional intake, physical activity levels, and energy expenditures, while reducing confrontations and playground injuries; bring focus and concentration to classroom learning.

    TRUE HEARTED: Ethical Education & Character Development

    Respectful Individuals who understand and value the worth and dignity of all people; respect the rights, feelings and possessions of others as their own; empathize with others; extend courtesy and kindness to all; value honesty in all areas of life; and demonstrate loyalty and pride in our school, community and country.

    Responsible Citizens who make informed choices regarding their social, emotional, and physical wellbeing; foster a culture in which diversity is respected and celebrated; demonstrate collaborative skills; live with integrity and purpose as contributing members in our diverse and global community.