• Mission Statement

    At Don Benito, we believe that every child CAN and WILL learn EVERY DAY.  Our school is committed to providing each student with the highest quality educational experience.  As a fundamental school transitioning into meeting 21st Century expectations, Don Benito embraces cooperative learning, technology integration, inquiry-based learning and social-emotional learning.  Our students bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom, so we make it a point to teach with our students' strengths in mind. It is our goal to partner with our community to help students reach their maximum learning and leadership potential. There are three primary areas that are crucial to Don Benito’s educational philosophy.  The three areas are:

    1). Academics:  Our  team believes in providing students with multiple opportunities to explore, create,  transfer and apply their knowledge to real world situations through instructional field trips and outdoor experiences.  We realize that students must be engaged in purposeful activities in order to make meaning and learn. It is our goal to make every moment count at Don Benito.

    2). Behavior: We believe in building positive relationships with our students and families so we can work together to best support our children. We believe in teaching, reinforcing and modeling appropriate behaviors; thereby upholding high expectations, integrity and ethics. 

    3). School Environment:  It is the goal of Don Benito to provide a safe, clean and happy learning environment for our students.  Students are to feel accepted, comfortable and free of fear or intimidation.  The school stresses an atmosphere of openness and encourages as many of our parents to help in the classroom and on campus.

    What Makes Our School Unique?

    Don Benito offers a positive, engaging and cooperative educational experience for our families. Our parents, community members, and staff continue to bring innovative ideas and opportunities to better prepare our children for the 21st century. We offer enrichment classess during the school day in math, language arts, sicence and the arts. Children receive individualized learning to meet needs from our resource teachers, guidance counselor, and community volunteers. Our students have daily access to Chrome Books for research, keyboarding, and educational resources. Our school believes in fostering well-rounded children who are safe, respectful, responsible, and productive.


    What Does our School Offer?

    Our school culture is wholeseome and family-centered. We have a beautifully diverse student body that we celebrate and embrace. We are a school with decdicated families and friends who volunteer coutless hours to help our students succeed. Our students are exposed to hands-on science explorations, choral music/instrumental music lessons, technology skills, art integration, student leadership development, social-emtional learning, and after-school enrichment activities. Our children have multiple opportunities to apply and transfer their learning to the real world by attending at least 3 field trips per year. Above all, our students enjoy learning!


    Community and Business Partners

    Pasadena Education Foundation, Don Benito PTA, JPL, Carnegie Observatory, Upper Hastings Ranch Assocation, Mad Science Group Inc., Play Well, Boys and Girls Club, and YMCA.


    Attendance Area and Open Enrollment

    Don Benito Fundamental Elementary School is a school of residence with an attendance area of families who have the privilege of enrolling based on their home address. Visit www.pusd.us to see if your family resides in the attendance area. Families not residing in the school's area may apply through the District's annual Open Enrollment process. Please check openenrollment.info for more information, including how to apply online.