Music and Arts Curriculum

  • At Webster, art and music are woven into the curriculum at every grade level.

    PUSD participates in the L.A. County Arts Commission “Arts for All” program and provides high-quality sequential arts education from Kindergarten through 12th grade. PUSD elementary schools use SRA Art Connections to teach art as both a specific subject and as an integral part of core subjects such as social studies and math. Webster students in Pre-K through 5th grade are given opportunities to paint, draw and create models in conjunction with school projects, as well as during classroom time. Our students regularly visit local museums such as Kidspace, the Norton Simon, the Huntington Library, and the Armory Center for the Arts on field trips. Art classes are also offered as an after-school enrichment choice.

    Webster also has ArtLoft, an arts resource room that connects units in Language Arts and Social Studies to hands-on art projects. For example, after learning about a particular artist and the history of his or her culture, students will go to ArtLoft, where they will create art projects in the style of the artist they just studied. Curriculum is aligned with the California State Standards.  

    Webster is a regular participant in the annual No Boundaries art exhibition, which features paintings, sculpture, photographs, design, and films created by PUSD students in grades K-12. The exhibit is hosted in a different gallery space each year, which is donated by local business partners. Professional art installers donate their services for this signature Pasadena arts event. 

    The K-5 music program at Webster is provided by a PUSD Credentialed Music Teacher.  There is weekly music instruction, yearlong, that is sequential and comprehensive and provided to every child in the school. 

    The goals of the K-2 general music classes are to develop an appreciation of music through singing, playing, and studying music, as well as moving to music. Students also develop an awareness of teamwork as regards to being in a group performance class. Singing and playing instruments in music class means to sing and to play with others, and therefore every music student is a team member. We need each other to make our group sound and look good!

    The objectives of the music class are to learn about proper singing technique and to become musically literate, which will ensure that students will be on their way to becoming independent musicians, paving the way to later learning orchestral and band instruments in the 3rd-5th  instrumental program at Webster Elementary. The musical instruments that students play and explore in K-2nd grades are pitched and unpitched clas