Accelerated Reader

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    Accelerated Reader (AR) is an online program that encourages students to read at their instructional reading level and increases reading comprehension. All Daniel Webster students in 1st through 5th grades participate.

    How does AR work?

    Each student uses a computer to take a test that diagnoses his/her current reading level. The student is then assigned a reading level.

    • Students select an AR book according to their reading level. 
    • The student takes a multiple choice quiz on the computer to test for understanding.  
    • Students are able to take tests in their classrooms, in room 215, in the library, and in the computer lab.
    • Students may not take tests from home. 

    Incentives are given to students for taking the tests:

    • For each test passed at 80% or higher kids receive a sticker.
    • Every 3 stickers earned, kids receive a charm to add to their reading necklace.

    Want to find out if a book has an AR test?

    Go to and enter the title of book. Look for BL (book level.) The books in our school library (and in some classroom libraries) are labeled according to book level. 

    Want to check your child's AR test results from home?

    Go to Home Connect and log in with your child's username and student number. A bookshelf will display all of the books that your child has been tested on through AR.

    Questions about AR and your child?

    For specific AR information, please contact your child's teacher or our resource teacher, Arpine Khrlopyann at