College and Career Center

  • The College and Career Center is located in A111G and is here to support our students on their path toward their future. We are here for any general information about colleges and/or career pathways our students may take. We are ready to support students and parents with any questions or concerns that may appear with their FAFSA applications or other college financial aid forms. The following are other services we provide.

    Work Permits

    Work permits are issued through the College and Career Center. Please pick up work permit applications from A111G when the student has already been hired for a specific position. The student must have a 2.0 or higher GPA and have good school attendance to be issued a work permit. Employers at times provide the center with job opportunities so please listen to announcements or check in with the technician for information.

    Work Permit Application


    As your College and Career Center we are also your academy support . We are here to support our academies in any way possible and are responsible for tracking work based learning (WBL) hours for our students. Any questions about the academies at this high school and throughout our district can be answered by the College and Career Technician.

    CTE classes

    The College and Career Pathway department also brings great opportunities to our students in taking their first steps into emerging careers through CTE classes. These career and technical education classes allow students to connect the skills learned in the classroom to the ever changing career world. The classes also allow students to discover new career pathways and connect  with those shaping our 21st century workplace. CTE classes are provided during regular school hours but opportunities to take after school classes will also be provided. Please check with technician for these after school opportunities.   

    For more Information please check the College and Career Pathways website .