Welcome to the Navy National Defense Cadet Corps (NNDCC)

  • The four-year Naval Cadet program is designed to build leadership and citizenship in participating cadets. This is intended to be done through

    • a broad social-science academic approach, and
    • a practical, guided leadership experience in naval organization and administration of the unit

    The curriculum emphasizes the relationship of the seas to American history, world geography, international relations and economics, on the one hand, and the behavioral aspects of leadership on the other. Study habits, personal hygiene, conduct, and courtesy are covered in the first unit in order to lay the foundation for leadership and citizenship growth of individuals.

    Initial information on naval organization, career opportunities, navigation, seamanship, and military drill introduce the cadet to the naval environment. Each year of the course assists in building a basis for more advanced study of the Navy and sea power as it relates to the nation. 


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    • Naval Science 1
    • Naval Science 2
    • Naval Science 3
    • Naval Science 4