Welcome to the Ombuds Office

  • Confidential. Independent. Informal. Impartial.

    The Ombuds Office is a cornerstone of the deep commitment PUSD has to delivering excellence in service and ethical behavior. PUSD places great value on integrity, respect, transparency, equity, accountability, collaboration, and fiscal responsibility. These core values are demonstrated by providing a confidential, neutral place for all people to voice their concerns with PUSD, it’s programs, policies, or ability to meet its mission: to provide a caring, engaging, challenging educational experience for every student every day.

    PUSD is a complex organization and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find a way to make your voice heard. The Ombuds Office helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflict and learn more productive ways of communicating.  The Ombuds listens to people, offers information about policies and procedures, and helps people examine options for resolving concerns. The Ombuds Officer, when making recommendations, suggests actions or policies that will be equitable to all parties.  When appropriate, the Ombuds may offer to provide mediation or facilitate your access to other resources.

    Whether you are a PUSD family, employee, volunteer or community member, our office is open to you. The Ombuds Office provides a source of support for people who want to develop options for addressing a particular concern, or who may wish to consider learning how to deal with problems on their own.  The Ombuds, as a neutral party, maintains confidentiality concerning matters that are brought to her attention unless given permission to do otherwise. The only exception is when there appears to be an imminent threat of serious harm.

    The Ombuds takes all reasonable steps to protect any records and files pertaining to confidential discussions from inspection by all other persons, including management. The Ombuds does not testify in any formal judicial or administrative hearing about concerns brought to her attention.

    The PUSD Ombuds Office follows the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the International Ombudsman Association. The Ombuds Office is a voluntary program established on these principles. No one is required to use the Office, but if they choose to, they will be understood to have agreed to abide by these principles, including not calling the Ombuds to testify with respect to confidential communications.

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  • Esther Salinas, EdD
    Certified Organizational-Ombudsman Practitioner
    Ombuds Officer

    351 S. Hudson Ave, Room 221
    Pasadena, CA 91109

    Phone: 626-396-3600 Ext. 88009
    Direct Line: 626-396-3680

    Many common concerns may be addressed using our Problem Solving Guide.

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