Gifted & Talented Education (GATE)

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    Advanced Placement

    GATE Characteristics 


    1.    Asks unusual questions to find out more information (curiosity)

    2.    Expresses ideas well (verbal, written, or illustrations)

    3.    Has a command of informal language

    4.    Understands the nuances of language

    5.    Ability to code-switch

    6.    Exhibits quick mastery of skills

    7.    Has interest in how things work

    8.    Has the ability to see relationships and make connections

    9.    Displays creativeness, originality, putting things and ideas together in novel ways

    10. Has a questioning attitude

    11. Is inquisitive

    12. Has a tendency to lose awareness of time/intense concentration

    13. Becomes easily impatient with drill and routine procedures

    14. Has keen powers of observation

    15. Enjoys intelligent risk-taking behavior

    16. Has unusual, often highly developed sense of humor

    17. Is independent

    18. Has older playmates or seeks out older friends

    19. Is “street wise”

    20. Makes up games and activities displaying imagination

    21. Improvises with everyday objects (gives everyday objects unusual or novel uses)

    22. Expresses original ideas in other ways

    23. Is articulate in role playing and storytelling

    24. Displays a richness in imagery and informal language

    25. Demonstrates exceptional ability in fine arts or areas valued by his/her culture