IMPACT is the substance abuse program for the district and Rose City.
    We have day and night meetings at Rose City High School. The night group consists of 5 consecutive sessions on Wednesday night at 4:30pm. Students participate in group discussions, role-play activities and hear outside guest speakers to discuss the physiological, legal, social and emotional effects of substance abuse. Students are encouraged to evaluate their decision making and develop more positive responses. They get help to find out what their triggers are to use.  Other referrals are made if necessary.
    IMPACT also has a parent component.  Parents are taught the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and positive ways to deal with it. IMPACT is a safe place for students to begin to change their lives around.  There is bilingual support. 
    Both counselors are on call 24/7

    Kathy Watson
    Substance Abuse Intervention Specialist
    Rose City High School
    Pasadena Unified School District
    (626) 396-5620