Senior Army Instructor BIO

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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Arts in Education, (Administration & Supervision)Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

Senior Army Instructor BIO

As a retired Army First Sergeant, I was born on January 1st 1958, in Kansas City Missouri, where I spent most of my life until joining the Army five days after turning 18. I petitioned the Board of Education to allow me to graduate 6 months early so I could serve my country. After being awarded approval to graduate high school on 2 January of 1976, I immediately joined the US Army on 5 January 1976.

Exciting adventures in the Army: Guarding Rudolph Hess in Spandau Prison in Berlin Germany, 1979.

Fielding the Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Observer Controller Ft Irwin CA., and Hohenfels Germany.

Leading the recovery and removal of the Late Ron Browns plane wreckage in Dubrovnik Croatia, 1996

Deploying to Bosnia during a NATO Mission, 1996

Graduating in the top 5% of the First Sergeants Academy Ft Bliss TX

Garrison Sergeants Major Ft Irwin CA

As an Infantryman, I was constantly being deployed or away from the post environment, so beyond Military Schools, was not an option. In my career, I attended several Military schools, Primary Non Commissioned Officers School, Basic Non Commissioned Officers School, Advanced Non Commissioned Officers School, Chemical & Bio Hazard School, Escape & Invasive Survival School, Weapons Training School, Bradley New Equipment School, Army Pre-Commissioned Officers School, Inspector Generals Academy, and First Sergeants Academy, just to name a few.

After successfully serving for 24 years, then after my retirement from the Army in 1999, I started my new career; becoming an educator in the field of education through the Army JROTC at Blair High School, the position I started was as the JROTC Army Instructor. The hardest part for me was to return to the classroom myself; as in any job, we sometimes find ourselves to enthused in our employment and not able to continue in the educational fields. Another challenged I faced was going to University at the young age of 41, was a true challenge, but one I took head on. Starting with only remnants of college classes, I had accomplished while serving in the Army, and through extreme sacrifice acquired a Masters of Arts in Education, (Administration & Supervision), a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. I bring to the table 24 years of experience leading soldiers, and caring for families, I have traveled all over the world and lived or visited in over 49 countries as well as all 50 states. I bring this travel into the classroom to share with my cadets the openness of the world in travel. There is life beyond the neighborhood. Unfortunately some of our students will never leave their neighborhoods, but as part of this program, we take on two exciting camps and a lot of community service all over the region. This enables the cadets to see life beyond, and help develop their expectations for themselves.

Another challenge while in teaching JROTC was the requirement by the school district to acquire a California Single Subject Credential in the field of Physical Education; we no longer have to have the debate if our program can give PE credit. Being a teacher in the State of California ensures you are constantly challenged to maintain a high level of education, in and out of the classroom. There are always additional requirements to stay on par with regulations in California; i.e. SADAIE, CLEP, CBEST, BTSA, and Professional Development Classes, that seem sometimes never ending.

Personal Life

My wonderful wife Lisa whom I have been married to for over 35 years

My daughter Harmony who resides in Hawaii, and teaches Dance, & Theater, as well as Yoga, and Instructional Classes. 

My son Thomas whom after 6 years teaching in Japan, now teaches in Lancaster CA. Who also made me a grandpa in July of 2018. :>)