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Ms. Fisher

Welcome to math for  2018-2019

For grade 8, we have new text books as well as a practice skills book and an online component that will help each student individually.

For additional practice/review please encourage your child to work on I-Ready and Khanacademy. We will use graphing calculators in class,

but your child can also access on their phone or laptop.


Math 1 Honors has a new core-alligned text, and and they can also review work on Carnegie online at home and in school. The books are heavy, so please bring in 1 unit at a time.

Sections needed for the Math 2 component will be provided at a later date.


Advanced Math students-please see the Librarian and sign out a Ti83/84. Also, be prepared and bring your text and supplies daily.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

We will have a great year learning together.


Annette Fisher