Concurrent Enrollment with Pasadena City College (PCC)

  • In 2016 PCC opened a satellite campus on the campus of John Muir High School.  The site currently offers college credit classes taught by PCC faculty for the general public after school hours; John Muir students are able to take these classes as concurrently enrolled students at little to no cost. Many students are already taking advantage of this opportunity!

    Please inquire with your son/daughter's counselor to enroll in PCC classes. They will be happy to assist you!

    Dual Enrollment Courses
    John Muir also offers students the opportunity to take several courses with high school faculty who are also adjunct faculty with PCC.  These classes give students high school credit and college credit for the same coursework.  Dual enrollment classes for 2016-2017 can be confirmed with your son/daughter's counselor.

    Early College @ John Muir
    If you’re ready for college, why wait?  Early College @ John Muir offers talented and motivated students the opportunity to accelerate their learning and truly embark on their college careers while still in high school. Students have the advantage of participating in the full range of extra-curricular activities and athletics with age-alike peers while taking increasing amounts coursework alongside other college students. Even better, nearly all college classes will be offered right on the John Muir campus.

    For more information about this exciting program, click here: Early College Brochure.


    PCC Fall 2017 offerings at Muir

    English 100 Monday/Wednesday 

    3:15- 5:20      CRN # 74409  


    English lab 901/ Wednesday

    5;30 -6:35    CRN #74410


    Sociology 1  Monday/Wednesday

    3:15 pm-4:40 pm  CRN # 74428


      Classes begin 8/28/2017



     STEPS to follow: 

    1. Apply to PCC-Complete the PCC application online (you will complete the Open CC and PCC application, two different applications)
    2. Set Up Your LancerPoint immediately. After you apply you will receive an email with your LancerPoint ID
    3. Take the math or English placement tests if needed in the D building at PCC, M–Th 8am–5pm. (must have ID and LancerPoint #).
    4. Complete the Recommendation for Admissions of Selected Students. Take the Recommendation for Admissions form with your placement test results (if applicable) to your high school counselor or principal. Ask the principal or counselor to complete the Recommendation form and list the specific classes they are giving you permission to take at PCC. (e.g., Hist 7A and Hist 7B instead of the general subject of History). Have your parent or legal guardian sign the form. Submit the form and a copy of your most recent high school transcript by email to  ( or in person at the PCC Admissions and Records Office in Room 113 of the L Building.

    5.Register for Classes. The sooner you complete steps 1-4, the better your registration date! Register for your classes through LancerPoint (have the CRN number handy).

    You are responsible for paying the $30 health/student fee and for any materials (including the book).


    How to add a class on or after the First Class Meeting: If the semester has started, it may not be too late to still add a class! You may add courses only during the course official “Add” period, subject to Course limitation and restrictions, by following the below procedure. An add code is required to add any class on or after the first class meeting. Add codes are given out by the instructor, and will be issued first to students whose names appear on the waitlist roster. 

    Get permission from the course's instructor to add the course. If the instructor gives you permission, he/she will give you a Late Add Code.




    1. Remember that you will still need to clearprerequisites through the Prerequisite Office if necessary.
    2. Use the Late Add Code given by your instructor to register in LancerPoint
    3. Follow the add deadlines stated in thesemester academic calendar or under the CRN in the online Schedule of Classes.
    4. If you miss the add deadline, you may submit a petition for Late Enrollment that will require supporting documentation and the signature of both your instructor and the division dean.