Eliot Arts Healthy Start Family Center

  • The Eliot Healthy Start Family and Community Center is a collaborative initiative within the Pasadena Unified School District to provide assistance, support, and access to services to the students and families of Eliot Middle School to help them overcome barriers and achieve goals. Social Services, Resources and Referrals: Food, clothing, housing, utility assistance and more.

    School Partners & Available Services 

    Family Support Services
    Case Management
    Behavior Support
    Parent Support
    Referrals to Counseling
    Health Insurance
    Outreach Worker

    Basic Needs Services
    Food Bank
    School Supplies
    Holiday Donations
    Referrals for Transportation

    Health Services
    School Nurse Services
    School Health Clerk
    State Mandated Screenings
    Physicals and Immunizations
    Nutrition Classes

    Parent Engagement
    Health and Nutrition Classes
    Parent Support Classes
    School and Parent Councils
    Educational Classes
    Volunteer Program

    Academic Support Services
    Study Hall
    Referrals to Tutoring Programs  
    Lunch Buddies
    Positive Character Education
    Student/School Initiatives
    Network for a Healthy California
    Environmental Club

    For more information, please call HEALTHY START at (626) 396-5680 x70128


    • Family Support Services
    • Basic Needs Services
    • Health Services
    • Academic Support Services
    • Student/School Initiatives
    • Parent Engagement