Madison Elementary Healthy Start Family Center

  • The Healthy Start program is operating at three elementary school sites, one high school site and one middle school site in the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD). Healthy Start sites are Madison Elementary School, Cleveland Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, Eliot Middle School, and Rose City Continuation High School. At all sites, the program initially received three years of state funding and have been able to sustain the program in subsequent years through funding from various sources. The sites continue to thrive and provide students and families with case management services and a multitude of resources including health and mental health services, classes for parents, assistance for basic needs, and academic services for students.

    The Healthy Start Family Centers are staffed by paraprofessionals and professionals who work together to provide assistance, support and access to services for children and their families.

    With the support and partnership of community organizations and agencies, we are able to assist, care for and support families in ways that help them overcome barriers and achieve goals.

    Our Goals


    1. To improve school performance through healthy children, resulting in less absenteeism and showing up for school ready to learn. This will be accomplished through the services of our Nurse Practitioners and our Health Clinic, who are ready to provide immunizations, physical examinations, treatment, medications, and referrals to medical professionals as needed.
    2. To provide for early intervention and better communication between parents, staff, and the larger community. This will be accomplished through parent information workshops, English as Second Language classes, technical assistance to complete, and integrate legal and agency assistance for the family.
    3. To insure improvement in obtaining needed services from community agencies through the removal of barriers. This will be accomplished through participation and accountability of schools and social services agencies.


  • Some of the ongoing programs and services offered at the Healthy Start Family Center include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Physical Health Care and Education (Nurse’s Office). Physicals, immunizations and treatment of minor illness or injury and medical case management.
    • Parent News and Information. Special Guest Speakers, workshops, and information gathering sessions.
    • Referrals to Mental Health Care. Counseling for the individual or group. 
    • Social Services, Resources and Referrals. Food, clothing, transportation, utility assistance and more.
    • Family Case Management. Personal and private assistance for students and families concerns.
    • Parent Education. Program to enhance families parenting skills. 
    • Health Insurance Outreach. A service for uninsured children, documented or undocumented. Low to moderate income.