Health Office

Health Office
  •  School Nurse: Rashida Gregory

    Phone:  626-396-5820  Ext. 81089/80089

    High School Health Clerk:  Ms. Chavez  Ext. 80089  

    Middle School Health Clerk: Ms. Martinez  Ext. 81089

    A Health Office is located at the Main Office in the "BE" (Blair East) building, and a second Health Office is located in the "C" building at the Middle School Office. 

    A health clerk is in each Health Office throughout the school day.  If you have a health problem, require first aid or become ill at school, please report to the health office. Any student who is injured or taken ill during the school day must report to the health office before leaving campus..


    1. Report to class
    2. Get a pass from your teacher to see the nurse.
    3. Bring a pass signed by your teacher to the Health Office. 

    Do not come to school if you have a cold or a fever. Do not report to the Health Office between classes unless it is an emergency. You will not be given medicine of any kind (including aspirin). You will however be given first aid and guidance in health matters.

    Those students who must take prescription medicine during the course of the school day, please check with the nurse and follow the district's adopted Health Procedure Guidelines available at the PUSD website. A doctor's note mandatory per school board policy.