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Foster Youth Advocates

Foster Youth Advocates are certificated staff who serve as the point of contact for students from foster care on their campus and their guardian. They would spend additional hours, both during and after school hours, involved in activities and strategies to address the challenges of our students from foster care who are the most vulnerable. These students may have high rates of truancy, or may be at risk of dropping out of school, or have been victims of crime.

As of 2022, Foster Youth Advocates are currently on 9 campuses in PUSD.

Assignment details:

  • Welcome new students from foster care to the school site
  • Work with campus personnel (e.g., Registrar, Counselor, and District Foster Care Liaison) to identify students
  • Conduct routine wellness checks with assigned students
  • Maintain contact logs
  • Establish a welcoming environment where parents and guardians are encouraged to engage in sufficient two-way communication with their school
  • Work collaboratively with Foster Youth Counselor and Liaison
  • Attend initial orientation and subsequent monthly check in meetings with other Foster Youth Advocates
  • Assist in meeting the following LCAP goals:
    Desired Outcomes:

    • Increase attendance
    • Decrease chronic absenteeism rates
    • Decrease suspension and expulsion rates
    • Decrease middle and high school dropout rates
    • Decrease Negative Behaviors that Disrupt Learning
    • Increase school connectedness.