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Mutli-Tiered Systems Of Support

Mutli-Tiered Systems Of Support (MTSS)


We are proud to introduce the PUSD's Multi-Tiered Systems of Support that all sites and departments are responsible for utilizing.

A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a framework to provide strategic, differentiated, and tiered interventions to students challenged to meet academic, attendance, social-emotional, and behavioral standards. MTSS uses various screeners, practices, programs, and progress monitoring tools to analyze if students are meeting the standards, and provides a tiered structure to the levels of support, determined by student needs.

In Pasadena USD, the MTSS model includes several components, described throughout this MTSS Framework. Each part contributes to the overall support to help students achieve excellence in all aspects of their learning and provides access to staff to structure the learning environment most effectively. The expectation is that all staff and families will have access to evidence-based practices and resources. For staff, the MTSS Booklet provides immediate programs, practices, and targeted assistance to embed into our classrooms and department. For families, we expect you to observe the available programs, procedures, and resources PUSD is committed to using to support our students.


Multi-Tiered System of Support Framework