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Year Four: 2023-2024

Our fourth year started with action following an intense summer internship which many of us attended:

  • On August 3, 2023, Olivia Barrios, Sophia Chou, Mya Hernandez, Maude Windsor, and Gabrielle Trujillo made the Student Think Tank’s fourth formal presentation to PUSD's Board of Education (BOE) meeting at which we presented a format for student representation on the district Board. A few Board members had questions. On the whole, they were in agreement with what we presented. On November 16, 2023, the BOE will conduct a formal vote on our proposed format.

  • On August 7, 2023, we were invited to attend PUSD’s fall Welcome Back ceremony, which is usually only for teachers. About eleven of us were able to attend, and we were surprised when they called us to the stage and played a documentary video about us at the end of which we were given PUSD's 2023 Community Service Award.

  • In September, we began our weekly Thursday night virtual meetings to plan out the fall semester and how the Student Assembly process would be executed. In addition, we have held five in-person Monday morning meetings at PHS and Marshall.

  • We have delivered presentations at all the high schools as well as at PUSD’s September Principals Meeting as well as the Board Legislative Committee meeting, and have identified Student Assembly teacher advisors on all six high school campuses.

We have been consumed with elections, but are still working on the third edition of The Learning Curve and are also editing the print version from stories collected over the past three years. 

Presenting at the BOE meeting

(from L to R): Sophia Chou, Olivia Barrios, Maude Windsor, Gabrielle Trujillo, and Mya Hernandez as they get ready to present at the BOE meeting 



community service award and

Left: Our Community Service Award; Right: On stage as we received our Community Service Award
L to R: Dr. Helen Hill, Mya Hernández, Maude Windsor, Olivia Barrios, Gabriella Trujillo Trujillo, Morgan Gaskell, Mallika Sheshadri, Paulina McConnell, Sehba Sarwar (Facilitator), Isaak Uriu, Abby, Lauren Gray, Sophia Chou, Keilah Yu.


Our first in-person meeting

Our first in-person meeting which Dr. Blanco attended, and at which we planned out the semester and  celebrated our Community Service Award by devouring cake from Portos.
L to R:  Dr. Helen Hill, Keilah Yu, Mr. José Ortega, Isaak Uriu, Lauren Gray, Morgan Gaskell, Dr. Elizabeth Blanco, Paulina McConnell, Mallika Sheshadri, Maude Windsor, Gabriela Trujillo, and Julian Macdonald.


presenting to PUSD principals in September 2023

September 2023: Arlington Pacheco, Lauren Gray, Maude Windsor, and Olivia Barrios after presenting to PUSD principals.