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Student Projects/Presentations

Presentations and teacher trainings

A crucial aspect of the Student Think Tank is to share our findings with district staff, admin, and teachers. We share the information we gather, conclusions we make, and recommendations that we form through workshops like professional developments. 

We also share select stories from The Learning Curve anthology and invite teachers to engage in meaningful discussions on how they can help amplify the voices of their students and achieve more student-focused learning.

If you would like us to present at your school, please reach out here: …

Summer 2022 Teacher Professional Development Sessions:

June 7 (in-person) and August 3 (virtual), 2022 Teacher Professional Development workshops 

Teachers (mainly middle and elementary school) listened to members of the Student Think Tank as we presented findings from the 2021-22 school year via the presentation we gave to the PUSD Board in April. We also had teachers read stories from The Learning Curve anthology and reflect on ways they can improve their teaching practices to achieve more student-focused learning. 

One of the highlights from our August virtual session was that all three of the presenting students, Mya Hernandez, Jesus Gonzalez, and Morgan Gaskell, read their published stories that appear in the publication. The subjects ranged from personal loss, depression, and health issues. Hearing the students read their work reduced many teacher attendees to tears. One of the teachers said that she had been working with one of the students at the time her father passed away, but she did not know. All of the teachers wanted TLC representatives to visit their campuses and share work.

July 25, 2022 Feedback Session with the PUSD Ethnic Studies teachers

While reviewing to standardize curriculum in PUSD, two senior members of the Think Tank met with the Ethnic studies teachers at Pacific Oaks College to review TLC from a professional standpoint.