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Middle Schools


Middle School

Our middle schools campuses are uniquely designed to support the physical, social, and emotional needs of our young preteens and teenagers.  Each of the schools is uniquely designed to offer courses of study that support an exciting and vibrant environment. 

Middle School is a preparation for high school and programs offered at the middle school level are aligned to those offered at the high school level.  Students in our seven middle schools are prepared to transition to any of the four high schools that will best meet their interests and needs.

The middle school years are focused on the development of the whole child, with equal emphasis on academic, athletic, and extracurricular options. 

 PUSD Middle Schools:

Course Offerings at each PUSD Middle School

Each of our middles schools have innovative, unique programs.  Please click on each school below to view course offerings including:  Honors Classes, Electives, Clubs, Activities, and After-School Programs.