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Citizens' Oversight Committee

The Citizens’ Oversight Committee is responsible for monitoring the expenditures of Measure O bond funds by the School District and then advising the Board of Education and the public whether such expenditures comply with the law. Measure O is a $516.3 million school bond approved by voters November 3, 2020.

Under the California Constitution and Education Code, bond funds are restricted and may be spent only on the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, replacement or equipping of school facilities.  Bond funds may not be spent on general administrative or operating expenses, including teacher and administrator salaries. 

As part of its oversight function, the Committee reviews expenditures proposed by the Facilities Department, makes recommendations to the Board for their approval or disapproval, monitors the progress of construction projects, reviews the annual independent financial and performance audits, submits an annual report to the Board, and makes such other reports and recommendations to the Board as the Committee considers necessary or appropriate.

The Committee requires a minimum of seven members, who are appointed by the Board of Education and are drawn from among the following groups: Pasadena business organizations, senior citizen organizations, parents or guardians of Pasadena school children, taxpayer organizations, and the general public.  While Committee members are appointed by the Board, the Committee is independent of the Board and the School District, and Committee members may be removed only on limited, narrowly-defined grounds.

Committee meetings are (with some occasional exceptions) held on the third Wednesday of every month at the School District headquarters beginning at 6:30 PM. Regular attendance and active participation are expected because the Committee has much important work to do.