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Webex Support

Webex Access Through Canvas
How to find your Webex link when you're using the Canvas Learning system. 
  1. Open the Canvas Dashboard
  2. Double click the course you need
  3. When that course loads, look for the Cisco Webex link on the left hand side


Tips for Webex Account Login
Some of our students are receiving an error message when trying to attend Webex Meetings that ask for them to verify their accounts. In order to fix this there are 3 items to check. See the three steps and the video below.

  1. Be sure to shutdown and restart your device daily.
  2. Visit and make sure you are logged in to the PUSD Portal.
  3. Visit and sign in. 

Your students may not need to complete all of these, but checking these three items will help ensure that they can get connected.


Joining Webex Meetings Through the Canvas Calendar
Students access Webex through their Canvas account on their Clever dashboard.

If your students received an error message, or instructions on how to join Meetings from the Canvas calendar, please see the helpful tips and video below to explain why this could be happening.

  • Using your Personal Meeting Room, or a scheduled Meeting link from the Webex Portal through the Canvas calendar, will cause your students to see an error message. They may not be able to access your Meeting this way at all.
  • The first time a student joins a Meeting schedule in Canvas, they will be given steps to follow in order to join through the Canvas calendar. Once they follow these steps, they should be able to join through the calendar for future Meetings.


Finding the JOIN Button
When you are in Canvas make sure you can see the green JOIN button on the Cisco Webex tab. Here are instructions on how to find that tab, and a video tutorial below.

  • Log in to Canvas
  • Click on your Canvas course
  • Click on the Cisco Webex tab

Find a list of your meetings and click JOIN. If you can't find the JOIN button, scroll over in the meeting window until it appears.