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Salary Credit

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How do I receive salary credit for GATE PD?

PUSD Policy inidcates that teachers can receive one (1) salary credit for every fifteen (15) hours of Professional Learning experiences that are completed outside of their contractual hours. You must fill out the Salary Schedule Credit Pre-authorization Form once you have completed the hours and turn it in to Dr. Nadirah Nayo, Director of CIPD and EdTech. These hours can be for any approved Professional Learning experiences, they are not limited to those associated with GATE.

Upon completion of GATE certification in 2023-24, you will have proof of 30 hours of Professional Development, IF:

  • you attended Differentiation 101 (4 hours)
  • you attended all sessions for three (3) of the Learning Modules (18 hours)
  • you provided evidence of eight (8) hours of lesson implementation work (planning, coaching, reflection)
    • 80 minutes during the "off" weeks of each module
    • please complete the implementation form to account for this time.