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District Wide Solar Project

  • What:
    In 2016 the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education approved the installation of solar panels at PUSD schools. Board Report 1141-F dated January 26, 2017.

    PUSD is installing solar panels at its campuses in 2020 to:

    ● Use a renewable and clean source of energy to power schools and classrooms.
    ● Work towards Net Zero energy requirements for 2030.
    ● Projected electricity cost savings: seventeen to twenty-three million dollars over the next twenty-five years.
    ● Provide added shade on playgrounds and school parking lots.
  • Photo: Solar panels as parking shades at John Muir High School

    Panels in John Muir High School parking lot
● Solar panels will be installed at 28 campuses and sites in PUSD.

● Construction begins in January 2020. Construction is scheduled to conclude December 2020.

What about trees?
To preserve greenery on our campuses, we’re replacing trees affected by the construction of the solar panels. Trees removed will be replaced with 24” box sized trees. Many trees, that will be removed, have issues, including nearing the end of their life cycle, dead, dying, diseased, deranged, safety hazards (dropping limbs). The new trees will be selected, based on need for shade, species and growth habit. Site administrators and maintenance staff will coordinate placement and install with students, staff, PTSA and volunteer groups, through organized beautification days.

How will construction affect my campus?
Site logistic plans are created for each site. They include the following information:
●Fenced work areas
● Workers path of travel
● Delivery locations
● Site material laydown areas
● Material storage container locations
● Construction durations dates
● Alternate Parking options (if required)

These plans are done in collaboration with the District’s facilities staff, as well as requesting input from the local site staff, to insure by-in and to notify/identify dates for construction.
All construction scheduling and activities require that school operations will be considered with the following rules applying:

● No construction deliveries to be made during school drop off and pick up times
● Workers and onsite supervision follow strict California Department of Justice (DOJ) clearance requirements
● Daily sign in and sign out process to be strictly followed
● Workers to be identified with vests and badging
● Contact with students by onsite workers is strictly prohibited
● Onsite contractors to provide temp facilities such as fencing, toilets, etc.
● School calendars, bell schedules testing, and on-site school events are considered in planning
● Any and all power shutdowns are scheduled during off-hours and weekends to avoid disruptions
● Sites with parking will be phased if necessary, to accommodate lost parking during construction
● Weekly construction meetings are held (at designated construction office location) where issues are discussed, and 3-week look-a-heads are issued

Our highest priority is the safety of the students and staff. Communication is the key and the immediate response to issues/emergencies is a requirement. The operation of the school must take priority. Students, parents, and staff will be considered when construction activities are present.

What is construction going to cost PUSD?
Because this is a Power Purchase Agreement, there are no costs to the District from inception to completion, additionally; there are no maintenance costs for the next 25 years. (Design, DSA permit, construction and maintain). The District pays a reduced rate of energy costs, approximately $.05 less/KWH



District Wide Solar Project Files